About the Artist: Marissa Eshima

Artist Statement

In her work, Marissa enjoys experimenting with the random juxtaposition of various shapes, colors, and textures.  She allows her work to develop without a concrete plan in mind, incorporating accidents and unintentional forms in her pieces.  By doing so, Marissa creates parallels between her art and reality and explores the idea that there is no such thing as a mistake, only a change in perspective.  She uses these random markings to create a simple language in response to the complexities of life and the nuances of human relationships. 


"With this particular collaboration, I was inspired by the sheerness of the cotton fabric and mimicked it with the fresh, spring-inspired colors I developed with a heavy transparent base. As with the majority of my work, I wanted to make the pieces fun by using unique shapes that I randomly printed. I hope people are inspired when wearing these garments and create new shapes and colors by how and with what they wear them with."