Creative Questionnaire: Maile, Small Business Owner of ʻUlu & Kalo Bakery, Hawaii

Creative Questionnaire: Maile, Small Business Owner of ʻUlu & Kalo Bakery, Hawaii


Maile and Chris live in a scenic cul-de-sac by way of a graveled driveway deep in the lush greens of Manoa Valley, Hawaiʻi. Manoa translates to broad or vast and the drive through the fresh morning dew definitely applies to the vast views of nature in the valley. Maile is a baker and independent small business owner of her company ʻUlu and Kalo Bakery based on Oahu. She is focused on using indigenous canoe crops of Hawai’i such as ʻulu (breadfruit) and kalo (taro) for her creative bakes. Today, Maile and her cohort Chris are generously acting as tour guides and models for CYC. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the home was awarded a placket for being a historic residence which means that the home had to be over fifty years old and meet a national standard for preservation. With my excitement at hand I had to see the kitchen first. This was where ʻUlu and Kalo Bakery was born and we took some time to discuss her delicious healthy bakes and how she connects ʻUlu and Kalo Bakery to Hawai’i culture through the ingredients and the cleansing of the body. Some of her featured items include ʻUlu Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kalo Brownies, ʻUlu Crackers, Almond Snickerdoodle Cookies, and Chocolate Kalo Cakes. 

We entered through a netted screen door that allowed cool trade winds to flow through and was led to a cozy hanging rack full of jackets and wide hats for any sudden weather changes as we know can happen anytime in Manoa. The kitchen was full of family collectables, hanging portraits, historic looking volumes, scattered magnets, and a wide sink with freshly dried fruit prepping for the day.  You can see bits and pieces of the family throughout the house; memories in vintage yearbooks, collectable coasters, vintage lace curtains, and the floral-patterned furniture. Being in the house felt like a historic collection of memories, maintained through the years, collecting stories, and continuing on.

Thank you Maile & Chris, was fun!

ʻUlu & Kalo Bakery, provides health-focused, ʻāina based, ʻulu and kalo baked goods. The bakery retails through farmer's markets in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi and can be found and supported at and @uluandkalobakery


Creative Questionnaire Text:

Hi Maile & Chris!

Why Did you Start Baking?
I was motivated to make healthy desserts taste amazing! Baking fits my personality and lifestyle so I am grateful to pursue it. 

Oahu Top 3

1. North Shore escapes

2. Neighborhood pet walks

3. Hiking

Dream Pastry Creation

Flaky, delightful & heartwarming

#1 Baking Tip

Follow your creativity and experiment

What's the most rewarding part of baking and owning a small business?

  • The most rewarding part of baking is being able to nourish others in a sweet way
  • I love the flexibility that owning a business allows – entrepreneurship pushes me to evolve as a person which is hard but super rewarding